Monday, December 3, 2018

Eye Candy Update!

OK. So it's been too damn long, so no yikkity-yakkity. Just assorted fun stuff for your consideration, starting with a hardened surface level elevator entrance for an underground military base made from the vacu-form plastic packaging for a light bulb:

A series of zero-g habitation units and installations representing an asteroid mining colony taken over by a gang of space pirates. This will be used for upcoming Silent Death demo games starting this month where the combat will take place *inside* of a hollowed out planetoid. The primary structure components were empty dental floss containers:

A tramp space freighter for Silent Death converted from the Soyuz module tat came with the old Revell kit of the Mir space station:

 An anti-grav gunship drone made from a plastic refrigerator magnet from Ikea and assorted weapons from the spares boxes:

One of the usual suspects, an anti-grav tank destroyer made from an empty deodorant container:

Dead computer mice make for excellent anti-grav vehicle projects:

A familiar face, but now taken in a proper photo light box at last: 

A scale neutral warbot converted from an unwanted MechWarrior clix model:

Yes, there will be more, and thanks for stopping by for a look! 



  1. Oh thank the Lord! I thought you must have wandered off into the wilderness or something.

    Glad to see your back and posting your kick arse kitbash builds once again.

    Keep'm coming :)

  2. "You the Main-Scratch-Built-It-Man!!!"