Monday, April 22, 2013

Primed and Ready!!

Looking Ever So Fetching in Basic Black, Daaaahlings!!! 

And so now we take the finished anti-gravity panzerjagers outside and apply a coat of flat black spray paint...

Absolutely Faaabulous, dahlings! Just faaaabulous!!! 

So next we sit down to start painting... what's that you say, Zathrus? "Kull" wants to buy them?! All of them as they are in their primer coat? Well, he did ask nicely... but what do we do for the rest of our loyal cultists? What's that, Igor? "Build a second batch quick and paint them up instead?!" I knew there's a reason I keep you two around the workshop! OK, so get the parts bin and wake up the work gangs! We've got to get this turned around and fast!!!

So here they are, the second batch of four anti-gravity panzerjagers made from $1.50 plastic hairpin boxes from Daiso for your consideration, dear loyal cultists:

So I get to mucking about in the parts bins and I come across some intriguing parts and such, and I remember through the haze of academic delirium that Brian Roe is staging his Trashbash 2013 competition and this year's competition the recycled item of choice is the humble computer mouse and my mouse just conveniently *died* on me, and while I am a judge this year rather than a participant there's no reason I can't have a little fun and try and inspire others to the same depths of sheer kitbashing madness that I normally wallow in so....

The figure for scale is a 1970s vintage Ral Partha sic-fi trooper. I have a few of these classic laying about, and decided to paint them up for old time's sake, but that, dear readers, is for another blog entry! 'Til next time, people! And remember, parts is parts! And If yours truly can pry it loose, it's going in the parts bin!