Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Marched Through March...

... and Now We're Deep in April!

A quickie post to share what I have managed to get done between wrapping up a master's thesis and other mischief and mayhem... remember that really, really, really splendid Garmillas Ship Set from Bandai? Well, there is a bonus model included in that set of three outstanding starships (see previous posts, and oh, the Big Dawg is nearly done at last!)...

It's a really fine little 1/144 scale Garmillas battle tank that is so big in and of itself that in 1/144 scale it's big enough to pass for a small 15mm scale robot tank or light self propelled fire support tank. So here is the lil' beastie all painted up for your consideration, an added bonus to a model starship set that is already a serious bargain at the current Yen to U.S. Dollar exchange rate (see HobbyLink Japan if you want one for yourself and first class customer service!):

This fine little critter is tooled so well and thoroughly that she practically built herself just like the much larger starship models in the same box. Bandai's tooling is frankly state of the art, and there new releases show no signs of slackening off on the quality.

The tracks and suspension are hard plastic segments moulded with remarkable precision, so much so that despite the relatively tiny size the kit was a joy to build. The main guns are independently mounted so they can be elevated independently of one another as you can see from the photo. The turret also rotates as well. I added the decals from my spares box, as the kit did not include any markings (and I just can't leave a blank tank turret side unmolested).

The model has been painted entirely by hand as usual, and I used mostly acrylic craft paints from the local Michael's store. I sealed the finish with Testor's Dullcote as is my SOP. 

Included with two identical Garmillas destroyers and a dreadnought, the whole set is a serious bargain for the price, and a really handy way of either starting a sci fi wargaming space armada and planetary landing detachment, or adding reinforcements to your galaxy conquering hordes.

Next post: Yamato 2199 Meets Silent Death: The Next Millennium thanks to Bandai!