Monday, February 18, 2013

Combat Wombat Turned Metal Gun Barrels: the Kitbasher's FRIEND!

Combat Wombat Miniatures is the alter ego of Scott Wydako. Scott makes some very nice 15mm scale sci-fi resin vehicle models at a really good price, and combines this creative productivity with his first class customer service. Scott is also a veteran, so he knows firsthand what a real combat vehicle actually looks like up close and personal, and his designs reflect this, possessing a real grunt's eye view professional practicality that results in some really nice vehicles. Scott makes everything from low tech wheeled vehicles to mid tech hovercraft to some really nice high tech grav tanks and such, as well as some civilian hover buses that are a neglected but frankly superb addition to any 15mm sci-fi urban battlefield.

Alas, this humble scribe is generally rather allergic to most resins used in producing  specialty resin models, so I usually have to take a rain check on most resin models. I am however also the inveterate kitbasher, and the ferocious Combat Wombat has something even for the likes of me, a really nice line of turned brass or aluminum gun barrels ranging from small caliber autocannons up to intimidating main guns, all rendered for 15mm sci-fi vehicle kits, and all at a price that goes easy on the wallet! Upon discovery, I ordered up a bunch (which I'm still working my way through as of this writing!), and put them to immediate good use!

Here's some of the might Wombat o' War's barrels in action, from the smaller autocannons to some of the larger, main armament calibers for your consideration, dear readers:

Pictured here are Combat Wombat barrels SB5 (the smaller barrels poking out from the various blister windows) and SB7 (the larger, fixed guns on the front of the Kark Death Manta assault lander). The lander is a pool toy sold by World Market repurposed as an assault lander for my Khurasan Kark light infantry. The small scout vehicle is the Khurasan Polecat (which is a fantastic little model all in its own right!).

Here's more of the Combat Wombat barrels in action, converting some handy OOP toy Star Wars AT-TEs:

These are SB6, which Scott informed me are based on the classic 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun. I replaced the bulky soft plastic gun barrels that came with the toy with these far more robust turned brass barrels, and gave the two heavy walkers a new finish more in keeping with my current human forces. The figure for scale is a classic Lazerburn 15mm Redemptionist Rebel painted for a Mars-like environment. 

The fearsome Combat Wombat can be found in his lair surrounded by his diabolical, must-have wares here:

Great wares, great prices, stellar customer service, highly recommended whether you're building a world conquering sci-fi battle brigade or just need some really well done gun barrels for finishing your latest diabolical creation.


  1. Nice repurposing! I'm waiting for my son to tire of his toys. My wife figures the better option would be to buy extra...Sith lords do NOT share! ;)

    1. Nor do Sith lords play well with others... Mwahahahaaa!!! >;)

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