Friday, July 24, 2015

More Blasts from the Past: Metal Magic Done Long Ago!

Yup. Some Metal Magic Space Lords figures I painted up for my friend Paul Ryan roughly 30 years ago, a mix of Wartech SECS Troopers and a trio of Yoydyne Humbe "GELF" ("Genetically Engineered Life Form") troopers for your viewing pleasure:

A group shot of the Wartech SECS Troopers and the civilian space merchant figure painted up as a WH40KRT planetary governor or other personage of importance within the vast Imperium of Mankind. Now, we move on to some closeups from the group:

The uniform and body armor colors in this particular group were inspired by WW2 German Army patterns and colors found on their armored vehicles and the field grey uniforms common throughout the Wehrmacht. I even carried the whole Germanic vibe as far as the prevalence of fair skin tones, blonde hair, and Germanic names for each figure lettered by hand on their bases.

Next up, here's the three Yoydyne Humbe "GELF" troopers, two hand-to-hand specialists and a Humbe packing a "grapeshot cannon" which I take to mean a really large bore single barreled shotgun-type weapon:

Yes, that's right, I painted them like a variety of python, and named them after snakes:

My reasoning was that they were a blend of human and reptilian genes conveying some tremendous physical strength of a constrictor and the various alleged advantages of human DNA. My hands were so steady and my eyes so keen so long ago I even painted their poison fangs visible in their little mouths...

Finally in this quick installment, the best of this batch, the Wartech SECS grav bike armed with twin miniguns:

The flight stand is a standard plastic flight stand with an hexagonal base mounted on a steel washer, covered with paint and flock and the upright base spire concealed underneath reindeer lichen. 

Frankly, I think this remains one of the best rendered sci-fi flying bikes of all time, right down to the twin built-in machine guns, the miniguns, and the overall layout especially the way the rider sits on the vehicle.

Next Episode: More Metal Magic plus More Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader Nostalgia, and I mean there is still a lot more to go, so stay tuned to your TBD receivers for the next alert from the fringe of the Known Universe!

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  1. Just been e-talking to Doug at em4 - Doug has an increasing number of the Spacelords figures in production, but he seems to be running this separate from em4. If you email via the inquiries email address here he will provide a list of available figures and a pdf of photos. It's all very 'Speakeasy"-ish, but good to know these figures are still around.