Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a New Year....

So here's some new photos for everyone's amusement, a mix of work in progress and completed projects in need of some attention from my camera! 

So, we begin where we left off, with the 1/1000 scale Gamilas dreadnought model from Yamato 2199 produced by Bandai. The two-hex base is the result of my gluing the vertical post that came with the kit to a Litko Aerosystems acrylic two-hex movement base. The balance is perfect, and the presence of the model once it's done will be impressive to say the least. I have gotten the overall paint scheme to where I like it: 

The next step will be to add a few remaining detailing parts, some additional painted details, and decals to finish the ship with a suitable insignia and hull number. 

Moving along we next have a series of 15mm sci fi AFVs from Darkest Star Games. The first up is the Terran Scorpion 8x8 AFV. The kit comes with a selection of weapons and turret bustle options, a real boon to kitbashers such as myself for conversions and kitbashing projects alike:

These are part of a work in progress unit of mid-tech wheeled AFVs I've started using my existing accumulation of unfinished projects and resources. I have seven unbuilt Combat Wombat 8x8 AFVs, plus some assorted Matchbox 6x6 softskins and some 6x6 versions of the 4x4 VAB APCs I used in an earlier project (and chronicled on this very blog previously). I wanted to add a heavy anti-armor support asset to this mechanized light cavalry brigade, and Matchbox came to the rescue with their Real Working Rigs series Stryker, which with a little help from the left over bits from the Darkest Star Games Scorpions let me produce a suitably hefty beast to back up my Scorpions:

Next up are the Ventauran medium tank and APC, the meat 'n potatoes opponents of the Terran Federation forces produced by Darkest Star, along with the new Ventauran infantry figures produced by Darkest Star Games to accompany the vehicle ranges (the Terran Federation infantry have also just been released fairly recently, and they look da bomb!):

The posing and animation of the Ventaurans is dynamic to say the least. They come in a pack of eleven different poses, a mix of officer, NCO, two scoped heavy rifles, and the rest with assorted rifles or carbines. The AFVs come with two gun turret options apiece. Naturally, I used one turret and saved the others for kitbashing projects later on (and rest assured, I will post photos of those when the time comes!).

Finally, there's the end result of a bit of unscheduled dumpster diving on my part. One evening soon after Xmas I took the trash out to the bin and lo and behold there sitting atop the rubbish was a discarded, old, worn out smart phone protective cover and the plastic case that the new protective case had clearly come in. I was instantly inspired by the detailing of the protective case AND the container, and in less time than it takes to type these words, I was beelining back into my office, cackling maniacally all the way!

Here is the result of that chance encounter at the dumpster, a 28mm armored anti-grav APC with a definite Rogue Trader/2000 A.D. vibe that frankly all but built itself thanks to the shape and details of the original materials involved:

I'll be taking advantage of the rectangular opening in the top of the smartphone case to retrofit a vehicle commander figure and additional automatic weapon (like I didn't load this bugger down enough already!). Oh, and yes, the dozer bumper on the front of the machine is indeed the space bar from a broken keyboard!


  1. Love your kitbashing, but now I must resist the urge to dismember my own keyboard!!

  2. Thank you! As for finding you a dead keyboard before you do something rash, you could check with your local e-waste recycling service or recycling center and see if you can talk them out of a broken down keyboard and/or a computer mouse or three... ;)

    1. Ah, I don't think that's such a good idea. I think if I brought anymore "construction material" -known to the general public as "rubbish"- home my wife would be most impressed.....not!

      I've already got my own gaming room crammed with kitbashing stuff, so much so that it's starting to occupy the hallway outside the door :)

      I've put myself on a ban from collecting anymore plastic detritus that I come across. Need to concentrate on finishing building some more kitbashing models before I consider adding to the collection.

      Thanks for the helpful tip though, it's much appreciated :)


    2. I fully understand your dilemma! I too have vowed to reduce my mountain range of parts and projects in the coming year, one project or group of figures at a time. That said, that iPhone case and container just SANg to me, and the only way I was able to justify them was to build them out immediately as I did, so now my Metal Magic Wartech SECS troopers have a worthy ride to skim into the new year... >;)

  3. Nice camo colours on the armour.

    1. Thank you! I try and find excuses to use increasingly brighter colors of late, probably because I've done so many drab camo specs on so many projects... going to have to change things up and finish some Aztecs or Tlaxcalans to get the bright color itch out of my system... ;)