Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beastly Beasts!

A quick entry to show that yes, I do indeed do fantasy subjects every now and again, in this case a bit of a vanity project of mine, a Chaos Beastman horde built up using every beastly beast of a bestial beastman figure I could scrounge up from my mountain of unpainted lead for your consideration:

The Horde itself (but a bit understrength at the moment due to some annoying breakages discovered after unpacking for a quick photo shoot!). Beastly beastmen in the center, two Chaos Monstrosities on the right, and a pack of Chaos Hounds on the left surging forward to the attack! 

Now for some closeups of individual figures and units:

Now for the leadership of the horde, a Great Beastlyman (female Gnoll, actually, and a really big and MEAN one too!), and a shaman. The former from Wizards of the Coast's Chainmail series IIRC, and the later a Games Sweatshop figure I picked up a few years back when I was considering in a moment of weakness to jump back into Warhamster Fantasy Bumble Latest Annual Edition (then came to my senses as no sooner had I all but finished this horde, when the Beastman army book changed all over again, eliminating a whole bunch of my troops altogether):

Here are the two Chaos Monstrosities, one truly monstrous (the classic Chronopia Dwarf Dark Tusk Totem beast), and one truly a running jest in our family about the continuing delusions of grandeur of our Yorkshire Terrier, Seth:

Yes, that is an actual 28mm scale Yorkshire Terrier miniature, made by my old gute kameraden Josef Ochmann and available through Obelisk Miniatures as part of a set of contemporary urban gangsters Josef makes for his Obelisk GangStars line. The assorted casualties who made the mistake of getting in Seth's way are a mix of old Citadel Miniatures (dead Chaos warrior), Heritage Lord of the Rings (dead humans), and Grenadier Miniatures (dying Gnoll; clearly Seth isn't too selective as to his victims, it being provocation enough that they got in Seth's way!).

One last closeup, and it's a wrap for tonight:

Thanks all for stopping by! Next up, a visual tour through my Great War collection of French and German forces, from chars legere to stosstruppen! Here's a sneak peak:


  1. Mmmmmmmmm, Broo :)

    Would it be to much to ask to take individual pic's of them all?

    There just too damn good!


  2. Broos! Gotta love them disgusting, disease spewing, vermin-infested, loathsome spawn of Thed as the ultimate insult-to-injury generic baddies in a fantasy setting if ever there were such foul beastly beastmen! Once I get the time to repair the breakages and perhaps add another 48-figure block of the deranged and disgusting things to the horde, I'll do a more in-depth report on the lovable lil' biohazards… >;)

  3. Hurrah! Love the characterful army, especially the slug of doom!

    I've nominated you for a liebster award:

    All the best!

  4. Mein Gott, I am in the big leagues now! ;)

    Thank you for the nomination! I await the Inquisitional tribunal… >;)