Monday, August 5, 2013

Of Mice and Further Mayhem...


As promised, here's two more dead computer mice resurrected through the arcane form of necromancy known as kitbashing:

Dead computer mice, plastic sampling spoons, Lego bits, buttons from a broken calculator, plastic beads, toy guns, plastic rhinestones... you get the idea. The figures standing in for scale are an old Metal Magic Space Lords Sardaykin Legion heavy machine gunner in powered armor (among the best 28mm powered armor troopers ever IMHO!), and an Urban War character who sees action in my collection as a "generic" spec-ops agent, downed aerospace fighter pilot, or light infantry officer depending upon what the scenario calls for. 


  1. More black magic! The colour scheme is....well.....epic!

  2. I love those Sardaykin. I sold most of mine years ago and only have a couple left, something I'm kicking myself about. Em-4 brought some of the Metal Magic models back into production, but not those ones.

    1. I'm gonna get after EM4, which is the retail arm of Dice & Games, from whom Metal Express gets our supplies of plastic SD:TNM fighter minis and other such goodies, as I have been working on ramping up a playtest (Beta) version of a ground combat game set in the SD:TNM universe, and we're gonna need some nice figures in both 28mm and 15mm to push around as "official" SD:TNM faction mini stand-ins... If EM4 has the Sardaykin legion figures, they might be persuaded to release them if they get the impression there's enough interest (and sales to be had from rereleasing them!).>;)

      I'll give it a shot, and see what I can shake loose... >;)