Monday, May 20, 2013

Some Inspiration for Trashbash 2013

OK, so I'm not entering the now infamous Trashbash competition this year, as I volunteered to serve as a judge and see to it that Metal Express provided prize support to the competition (a $40 USD gift certificate good ion the Metal Express online store!). 

However, this doesn't stop me from providing some inspiration for the participants who might be at a loss as to what to do with a dead computer mouse (which happens to be the subject of this year's Trashbash competition!). So here is my "Grav Hetzer" anti-gravity tank destroyer based on a dead computer mouse for your enjoyment presented in a step-by-step photo presentation of the mouse and other bits put together, in its black primer undercoat, and in its final completed form including decals from the spares box and a shot of Testor's Dullcote:

Bad as all this is, here's some more blasts from the kitbashing past, projects that saw the reuse of everything from plastic Christmas ornaments and cheese containers, to toothpaste caps and empty deodorant containers for your enjoyment and inspiration:

It's amazing how easily one can make a real kick-ass Escort vessel for Silent Death: The Next Millennium from an empty toothpaste or deodorant container and a handful of bits from the spares box:

And then there's the plastic old fashioned printer cartridge box turned Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader Imperial War Walker (Don't worry, he got a good home in the end...):

That's right, there's no shame to my kitbashing game (especially when an empty bottle of my wife's body wash is involved):

Empty coffee cans, empty humus containers, some wooden disks from Michael's craft store, a bottle of Tacky Glue:

... Lego bits, plastic rhinestones, Krazy Glue,  and then out comes the can of Testor's Flat Olive Drab, and all Hell breaks loose once again! Mwahahahahaahaaaa!!!!


  1. Nice, Leland! Methinks I see a way around my wife's no new purchaes mandate!

    1. David,

      thank you! The way around your C-in-C's ban on new purchases is to enlist her and the rest of your tribe in saving you empty deodorant containers, toothpaste caps for rocket exhausts, toothpaste tubes to be cut open, cleaned, and the material used for tarps and banners, and other useful plastic containers, lids, caps, and assorted bits.

      Show her this site if need be; women are as visual in their own right as we menfolk! My Significantly Better Half actually recognized what I do as actual art, and has been contributing to my delinquency with every plastic cosmetic cap, lid, container, et al ever since! Hell, some of my best projects were a direct result of Sandra saying in her very British voice, "Dahling, don't you think this would make a really good spaceship?!" ;)

    2. My ten-year old daughter has brought home a couple bits for me to use as well. It's fun for the whole family.